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Why have raw vegan desserts instead of baked?

Just like you, we love to eat delicious food and nourish our bodies at the same time. Cooking plant-based ingredients destroys the essential nutrients that fruits, vegetables, and nuts possess. We're passionate about maintaining the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in all of our treats.  It's not as easy as simply "not cooking" and eating everything raw; we put in the work so that each treat is infused with all of it's natural goodness.

We soak raw nuts for hours to activate their enzymes, not only to make their natural proteins ready for maximum absorption, but to achieve the creamiest texture possible.

We sprout buckwheat groats for two days, activating their enzymes and making them easier to digest, before finally dehydrating them to get that perfect level of crunchiness.

These processes exemplify our commitment to quality, and the integrity we have towards our craft. They're just some of the ways we've devoted ourselves to perfect the health benefits, flavors, textures, and presentation of Rawsome Treats.

Thank you for letting us share our goodness with you!

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