Watt Sriboonruang

Watt Sriboonruang, is the founder and head chef of Rawsome Treats.

Watt is a health nut, Muay Thai contender and talented chef who thrives on living a plant-based lifestyle. She learned how powerful a raw plant-based diet could be while training for one of her amateur Muay Thai fights in 2012. Not only did Watt double her energy through this regimen, she was also able to remain satiated and healthy while the pounds melted off effortlessly - enough for her to compete in a lower weight division. Since then, she has adhered to a raw plant-based diet and lifestyle, and encourages others around her to achieve healthiness and fulfillment through the same path.

The following year, in late 2013, Watt founded Rawsome Treats, a raw dessert boutique based in New York City. While her original inspiration was to satisfy her own sweet tooth without hindering athletic performance or weight loss, her exquisite desserts have since developed a fervent following among professional fighters and competitive athletes, health-conscious individuals, and most importantly, food enthusiasts in general. She is passionate about showing the world that indulgence doesn't always equal decadence and guilt; it can be healthy and delectable at the same time.