Banana Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Coated Cherries

I've been craving my favorite banana ice cream since the weather got warmer. Today is the day so I'm making myself a big serving of this little treat for breakfast!! It's super easy, deelish and healthy for ya. I also have some fun by topping it with dark chocolate coated cherries and fresh raspberries. LOVE the tartness of cherries with a good twist from dark chocolate. It is the bomb. Not to mention the lovely texture when you bite on the thin brittley chocolate coating and follow by icy chewy cherries. Oh my, it's so divine!!

I made a lot of dark chocolate sauce for Easter eggs and have good a amount of leftover. So I use that with frozen cherries.


Dark Chocolate Coated Cherries

Dark Chocolate sauce (check the recipe from Eater Eggs)

Frozen cherries, as much as you desire

dip cherries in chocolate sauce and put them aside


Banana Ice Cream

3-4 frozen banana

1 c homemade nut milk (I use cashew milk)

1 tsp vanilla extract


Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smoooooth. And top with chocolate coated cherries and your favorite berries. Yummmh

Note: you can use any of your favorite frozen fruit and berries. If you don't have time to make to dark chocoalte coatig, just only the the banana ice cream with fresh berries will hit the spot, I promise.

Watt Sriboonruang