Banana Nice Cream Fresh Fruit Topping

Heat wave is hitting us!! Not to worry!! We can stay cool and keep enjoying this delicious and healthy banana nice cream. It's even better when you top it with your favorite fresh fruits. I use cherries and mangoes here since they are ones of my favorite Summer fruits. It's perfectly sweet and creamy and goes so well with big chunks of fruits. The tartness from cherries pairs well with the sweetness from the banana nice cream. The big chunk of mangos tho...hmm..heavenly.


4-6 frozen bananas (make sure you use over ripe bananas)

1/2 c nut milk (more or less, depends on your desired consistency)

1 tbsp coconut oil, optional (love adding coconut oil in my smoothie for health benefits - weight loss and energy boost!! Yes!!)

1 tbsp of maca powder, optional (for health benefits of building stamina, lean muscles and regulate hormones)

1 tsp vanilla extract, optional (just to fancy it up)

Your favorite fresh fruits, as much as you wish.

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender (except fruits) until smooth.

Layer the nice cream with fruits and top it with MORE fruits!! Enjoy!!

Hope you all stay cool as this nice cream :).

Watt Sriboonruang