Acai Bowl

I used to be "little" obsessed with acai bowl back in around 2006. My record was 3 bowls in one day. Nope, I didn't get 3 bowls every single day, just at least a bowl a day would hit the spot - like how most people get their coffee. It was easily served as my meal replacement or snack. I would make it my own, purposely went around to get it or just randomly got it in my convenience. 

Now back at it again, not as obsessed as before, and I totally forgot how ridiculously delicious it was. 
The best part of acai bowl is the topping which can be your favorite fresh or frozen fruits, crunchy granola, coconut flakes, nuts, seeds or anything. You can make acai bowl connoisseur by adding all of the above topping and dive in!!! It's so delicious, healthy and refreshing. So perfect for a summer day!! 

2 c frozen berries
1 pack frozen acai or 3-4 tbsp acai powder
1-2 frozen banana
1 c nut milk

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth. 

Adding your favorite topping on. And enjoy!!!

Note: you can drizzle a table spoon of liquid sweetener like honey or coconut nectar in a blender or on top of the topping if you prefer it sweeter.