Protein Packed Anti-inflamatory Smoothie

Spring is finally here. This beautiful weather makes everything so pleasant. Even something you don't expect it would be fun to do but this weather can make it more enjoyable. 

I'm not a fan of running,  although it is part of my Muay Thai training,  but somehow I really enjoy running in this weather. Surprisingly I can run a little longer than I normally do. Adding long running to my regular workout regimen can cause inflammation to muscles and joints. Oh!! Oh not to worry if you know how to take care of yourself properly. 

I like adding pineapple and/or turmeric to my meals as often as can, especially when these two ingredients can play well with others for my tastebuds. And it's even better when I can add some protein in there...good source of plant based protein!! 

This combo is really easy and delicious. Pine!!apple Turmeric Hemp Smoothie.


1/4 pineapple or 2 C diced pineapple. Fresh or frozen is fine

1 knob fresh turmeric 

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1 C coconut water, water or nut milk

Blend all ingredients in a bender and until well blend. 


Note: if you use unfrozen fresh pineapple, you can toss a few ice cubes in a blender to make it more refreshing. It will be so rewarding after coming back from a  long run. 

Watt Sriboonruang